Starting with just one therapist in 2005, NeuroRehab Allied Health Network has grown to 36 therapists and assistants across Melbourne and surrounds. We strive to provide our clients with the very best attention by attracting the best people.

Steve Woollard

Director | Neurological Physiotherapist (BPhysio, APAM)

Steve has over 20 years of experience treating clients with neurological injury, establishing what is now NeuroRehab Allied Health Network in 2005. He held a senior position at Ivanhoe Private Rehabilitation Hospital, prior to joining the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability in London where he led the brain injury unit physiotherapy team for two years. Steve has a keen interest in spasticity and tone management, for which he devised a new scale of measurement. Steve is qualified to prescribe the Saebo range of orthoses which assist clients to regain upper limb function, and is trained to prescribe, set up and educate clients in the use of WalkAide foot drop stimulator devices. With a special interest in bed positioning, Steve established Postural Innovations with Neurological Physiotherapist, Angela Rowe, in 2008, developing a range of postural support products tailored specifically to clients with neurological injury.

Jenny Woollard

Office Manager
(BSc, GradDip Audiology)

An audiologist by profession, Jenny now acts as office manager for this family run business. Jenny is the first point of call for all NeuroRehab Allied Health Network enquiries and welcomes any questions you may have. Jenny is able to provide information about our full range of services and advise applicable treatment costs.


Andrew Seeley

Accredited Exercise Physiologist (BAppSc (Hmn Mvmnt), GradDip ExRehab) ESSAM, AEP

Andrew has over sixteen years experience in neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation and chronic disease management. He worked as a neurological exercise physiologist at Ivanhoe Private Rehabilitation Hospital for nine years and The Victorian Rehabilitation Centre for six years. He has extensive experience in community-based rehabilitation and health promotion, establishing an exercise physiology service for Healthscope Independence Services. Andrew’s areas of interest include acquired brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury.


Kylie Needham

Senior Occupational Therapist

Kylie brings over 20 years of experience to NeuroRehab Allied Health Network, working as an occupational therapist in the area of neuro-rehabilitation. This includes four years on the stroke rehabilitation unit at the Royal Free Hospital in London, and over 10 years at Ivanhoe Private Rehabilitation Hospital where she was Chief for five years. Kylie has spent the last five years working in community rehabilitation specialising in acquired brain injury and is passionate about supporting people to achieve their goals to the best of their ability.


Dawn Prasad

Neurological Physiotherapist
(MPhysio, APA Neuro. Physio.)

Dawn is a UK trained physiotherapist with over 20 years’ experience working with clients with neurological conditions in the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Dawn completed a Master of Neurological Physiotherapy at Melbourne University and is a titled member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). She has worked in hospital rehabilitation centres, community settings and in the private sector around Melbourne and has extensive experience with clients with progressive and chronic neurological conditions. During her employment at MS Australia, Dawn was involved in collaborative research into strength training for multiple sclerosis, with published journal articles. Dawn also has many years of experience in the assessment and prescription of complex seating and wheelchairs.


Liz Cotter

Neurological Physiotherapist
(BAppSci Physio)

Liz has over 20 years experience working in neurological rehabilitation. She has worked for extended periods of time in two of Melbourne's biggest neurological rehabilitation centres – Epworth Richmond and Camberwell. Liz covers the inner and mid south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.


Angela Rowe

Neurological Physiotherapist
(BPhysio, PGCert (Post. Mgmnt))

Angela has over 18 years experience, specialising in neurological physiotherapy. Having completed post graduate studies in postural management, Angela has extensive experience in wheelchair assessment and prescription. Angela is co-director of Postural Innovations, specialising in bed positioning assessment and the provision of bed positioning equipment.


Sara Lee

Neurological Physiotherapist

Sara has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne (2008). She has over 7 years experience as a physiotherapist, having worked in private practice, and more recently in the public sector with Monash Health and Austin Health. Sara gained significant neurological, neurosurgical and orthopaedic rehabilitation experience working at Kingston Centre, further consolidated by working in a community setting with Austin Health. She has a passion for neurological rehabilitation with a special interest in stroke, neurosurgery and movement disorders. Sara can also speak basic Mandarin and basic Malay.


Teekay Harbidge

Neurological Physiotherapist

Teekay (TK) completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the Netherlands in 2010. She has worked with various clients with Parkinson’s disease, stroke, musculoskeletal injuries and other chronic diseases in the Netherlands, Australia and USA. While in the USA, Teekay completed basic training in substance abuse counselling. She is currently completing Pilates training with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) to become a certified clinical Pilates instructor. Her interest is to use clinical Pilates to successfully rehabilitate neurological clients. She speaks basic Dutch and English.


Ellen Clark
(née McDonald)

Neurological Physiotherapist (BSc Physio, MSc in the Bobath Concept)

Ellen is a physiotherapist with over 17 years of experience working with clients with neurological conditions in the UK and Australia. Ellen studied a Masters in the Bobath Concept in 2008 in the UK. She has worked in hospital rehabilitation centres, community settings and in the private sector around Melbourne and London. Ellen has extensive experience with clients with chronic neurological conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, brain injury, stroke and Parkinson's Disease. She was assisting teaching Bobath courses to Neurological Physiotherapists from 2008 to 2014 in various parts of Australia and New Zealand. Ellen has undertaken research into balance and midline issues after stroke and has a special interest in this issue.

Warwick Allen

Neurological Physiotherapist

Warwick has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Newcastle, in 2012. He has experience working in a major regional private rehabilitation hospital and outpatient clinic in Newcastle, caring for patients with a variety conditions and illnesses.  He has a special interest in hydrotherapy and is passionate about seeing clients achieve their goals.

Isabela Galafassi

Neurological Physiotherapist

Isabela completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in Brazil in 2005 and Australia in 2013 from Curtin University. She has worked in private and community settings and has a passion for neurological rehabilitation and helping clients to achieve their goals. Isabela worked at Rocky Bay and Physioconcept in Western Australia and has experience with a variety of neuromuscular conditions including acquired brain injury, muscular dystrophies, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, and Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Isabela has additional training in 24-hour postural care and wheelchair prescription. She speaks fluent Portuguese and English, and basic Spanish.


Katie Shaw 

Neurological Physiotherapist (BPhysio Hons)

Katie completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours at La Trobe University in 2011. Since then she has been working in a variety of roles across the private and public health systems, with most of her time spent in rehabilitation. Katie has experience working with clients following stroke, brain injury and other neurological conditions including Guillain Barre. She also has experience in chronic pain and orthopaedic conditions. Prior to joining NeuroRehab Allied Health Network Katie gained significant experience with neurological clients as part of her role on the Acquired Brain Injury Unit at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre. Katie has a keen interest in research and has been involved in multiple published studies investigating physiotherapy services and falls management.


Larissa Hamlin

Neurological Physiotherapist

Larissa has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from The University of Otago, New Zealand. Since graduating she worked in a major teaching hospital in Hawkes Bay, NZ.  Larissa completed rotational positions through all departments before she took on a more senior role in the Neurological Rehabilitation department over the past two years. Larissa has a broad range of experience treating neurological clients in acute and rehabilitation settings. Larissa has additional training and a passion for managing clients with vestibular disorders. She has also recently returned from a stint in America where she spent time as a counsellor at a camp for children aged 7-15.


Richard Deutsch

Neurological Physiotherapist
(BPhysio Hons)
Richard has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with Honours from Coventry University in the UK. He has always had a keen interest in neurology and has sought out unique experience in the top London hospitals such as the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery as Senior Physiotherapist. He has experience working in the UK, Australia and Holland. Richard has a special interest in vestibular physiotherapy, stroke, major trauma and conversion disorders. He enjoys playing beach volleyball, playing the harmonica and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Richard is able to converse in Dutch.


Ezgi Akar

Neurological Physiotherapist

We are pleased to welcome Ezgi to the NeuroRehab Allied Health Network team.

Erin Mullins

Occupational Therapist
(BOccThy Hons)

Erin has a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy with Honours from Deakin University, and has worked as an OT across Melbourne as well as in the UK. Erin has a broad range of experience working with neurological clients in inpatient and community based rehabilitation settings. Erin is passionate about working with clients to find out what is important to them as individuals to help them achieve their goals.


Sian Heaton

Occupational Therapist

Sian graduated from the University of Liverpool, England, in 2013. Sian started her career as an Occupational Therapist working for the National Health Service (NHS) within both acute physical and mental health services. Upon relocating to Australia, Sian entered the field of disability equipment, specialising in the prescription of manual wheelchairs. With a focused interest in neurological rehabilitation, Sian is committed to providing person-centred support to optimise the individual’s health and wellbeing.


Casey Ward

Occupational Therapist

Casey has a Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Occupational Therapy Practice from La Trobe University. Casey started her career as an Occupational Therapist working for Multiple Sclerosis Ltd., before moving into private practice working primarily with neurological clients in the community. Casey has a strong interest in neurological rehabilitation and assisting clients to work towards their goals. 


Zoe Crasborn

Occupational Therapist

Zoe has a strong background in disability support and return to work experience. Trained in New Zealand, Zoe came to Melbourne with a passion for assisting people with neurological injury to operate at their highest functional capacity.


Michelle Augustynek

Accredited Exercise Physiologist
(BExSc, MExRehab, AEP)

Michelle completed a Masters of Exercise Rehabilitation at Victoria University in 2013. This involved experience working with clients with spinal cord injury, cancer, musculoskeletal injuries and various chronic diseases. She also completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science in 2011, and has worked in the health and fitness industry for seven years.


Dylan Patcas

Accredited Exercise Physiologist/
Allied Health Assistant

Dylan has a Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology from Australian Catholic University (2015). This involved experience working with clients with spinal cord injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, neurological conditions, cardiac conditions, pulmonary conditions and various chronic diseases. During this time Dylan found a strong interest in neurological rehabilitation. Dylan is extremely enthusiastic and passionate about providing the best treatment possible for his clients. He also completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science from Australian Catholic University in 2013.


Lilia Tetay

Allied Health Assistant

Lilia graduated from Our Lady of the Rosary University in Bogotá, Colombia in 2001. In 2006 she undertook postgraduate study in rehabilitation management at La Sabana University. Lilia worked as a neurological physiotherapist in a highly respected rehabilitation centre in Colombia until 2006, when she moved to Australia. After working as an attendant support worker for two years, Lilia joined NeuroRehab Allied Health Network in 2008. Lilia is committed to assisting clients with neurological injury regain optimal functioning. Lilia can also speak Spanish.


Ranga Manthena

Allied Health Assistant

Ranga has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from NTR University of Health Sciences, India (2006). He has over 7 years of experience and has worked in residential care for an extended period of time assisting clients with neurological injuries. Ranga speaks English and Telugu.


Michele Lo

Allied Health Assistant

Mick studied a Bachelor and Masters in Sports Science, along with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, in Italy. He has previously worked as a coach in both Rugby Union and Soccer. Mick has experience working in a physiotherapist clinic in Madrid. Mick then moved to Australia in 2014 to undertake a PhD in Sports Science at Victoria University. Mick can speak Italian and basic Spanish.


Azhar Ahmed

Allied Health Assistant
(Cert IV AHA)

Azhar has a Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy from NTR University of Health Sciences, India (2007) where he worked as a senior physiotherapist in a multi-speciality hospital for a year before coming to Australia. He has experience working in neurological rehabilitation and residential care. Azhar has since obtained a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance from Kangan Institute, Melbourne. Azhar is passionate about building a high quality of life for each individual client and helping them reach their full potential.


Hillary Grubb

Allied Health Assistant

Hillary is in the final stages of completing a Master in Clinical Exercise Physiology at the Australian Catholic University, having previously completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement at Victoria University in 2014. She has experience working with a range of neurological conditions throughout placements at the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Hospital, SCIA’s Neuromoves and Monash Community Health in Paediatrics. Hillary also has a vast history in working with individuals with an intellectual disability and has a strong passion for Neurological rehabilitation and improving peoples quality of life.


Mert Gokoglu

Allied Health Assistant

Mert has completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours, and is currently studying a Doctor of Physiotherapy at The University of Melbourne. Throughout his studies and placements, Mert has gained experience working with a range of patients with neurological conditions at the Austin Hospital. Mert has a keen interest in research, having past experience at Baker IDI and The Florey Brain Centre, and demonstrates this through evidence based practice in order for people with neurological disorders to achieve their goals and full potential.


Janine Kocjancic

Allied Health Assistant

Janine has a certificate IV in Disabilities and Aged Care and has worked in the acquired brain injury field for over 20 years, assisting therapists in home settings with individual clients.  Janine is dedicated to assisting clients with a neurological injury to regain their highest and most independent functioning.


Leanne Popov

Allied Health Assistant

Leanne has completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science and a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology, both at Deakin University. Throughout her studies Leanne has completed a number of placements incorporating experience in a hospital setting and private practice. Leanne has assisted clients with a range of neurological conditions in reaching their rehabilitation goals, including time at a spinal cord recovery centre. Leanne’s previous work is in health and fitness and include roles such as personal trainer and rehab coach for high-level sports athletes (soccer).


Hayley Maloney

Allied Health Assistant

Hayley completed a Certificate IV in Disability in 2006 and a Bachelor of Health Science in 2011. Over the last decade, Hayley has worked heavily in support services assisting clients and their families with daily living and therapy programs. Hayley enjoys working alongside therapists in order to assist those with reaching their rehabilitation goals.


Brenton Watson

Allied Health Assistant

Brenton has completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, and is currently studying a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology at Deakin University. Throughout his studies, Brenton has gained experience working with a range of patients with neurological conditions through placements at Epworth and Bendigo Hospitals. Brenton thoroughly enjoys working with people with neurological conditions and has a strong passion for helping them achieve their personal goals and improve their quality of life.


Luke Collins

Allied Health Assistant

Luke is currently studying a Doctor of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne, after completing a Bachelor of Science (2015). During his studies, Luke has worked at Western Health, helping individuals with neurological conditions to achieve their goals in the community. Luke is passionate about neurological rehabilitation and is committed to providing evidence based treatment to improve the health and wellbeing of each individual.


Sarah Howard

Remedial Massage Therapist (Dip Remedial Massage)

Sarah graduated from Victoria University in 2009. Since then, Sarah has predominantly worked in private practice, focusing on musculoskeletal pain management, working with a diverse range of clients. Sarah also has experience working at a Registered Training Organisation, tutoring and mentoring remedial massage students. Sarah is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science at La Trobe University, with the intention of completing a postgraduate Masters in Physiotherapy.

Jemma Hyatt-Jacobson

Remedial Massage Therapist

Jemma completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage at Southern School of Natural Therapies in 2015. Since graduating, she has worked with a diverse client base, assisting with management of both chronic and acute conditions. She also has experience treating elite athletes, working with Carlton Football Club to aid their athletes with injury management and recovery. Since graduating, Jemma has completed further studies in NeuroKinetic Therapy and can include these techniques in her treatments when required. Prior to becoming a Remedial Massage Therapist, Jemma trained as a Paramedic.


Natalie Vercher

Remedial Massage Therapist,

Natalie completed an Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in November 2016. During her studies, Natalie mainly worked in sporting clubs with various athletes, however wanted to expand her range of clients and focus on different aspects including rehabilitation and neuro-muscular dysfunctions. Natalie is passionate about understanding each individual client’s needs and helping them achieve their rehabilitation goals.


Yuki Wakamatsu

Registered Music Therapist

Yuki has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Masters of Music Therapy from the University of Melbourne. Upon completing her Masters, she worked in Western Australia as a clinical specialist at Sing&Grow Australia and her own private practice, Music Therapy Now. She has worked in a variety of public and private healthcare settings predominantly in acquired brain injury, disability and early childhood development. Yuki was previously the WA state chair for the Australian Music Therapy Association and a current member of the national social media committee. She also runs a podcast discussing music therapy with a variety of music and health professionals.


Ella Rowthorn


Ella is a receptionist at NeuroRehab Allied Health Network's Deer Park and Thomastown clinics. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) with a co-major in Neuroscience at Swinburne University of Technology. Ella has a passion for helping others, and hopes to one day conduct research of her own. If you want to say a friendly hello or have any questions about the range of services we offer, Ella will be happy to help.


Gail Divers


Gail is NeuroRehab Allied Health Network’s friendly receptionist at our Deer Park clinic. If you have any questions about the range of services we offer at our clinics or through our home visit service, Gail is here to help.


Glenda Dean


Glenda is our welcoming receptionist at NeuroRehab Allied Health Network’s Thomastown clinic. She is available to answer any questions you may have about the services we offer at our clinics, or through our home visit service. Glenda is happy to help.


Michelle Baker

Reception / Admin Assistant

We are pleased to welcome Michelle to the NeuroRehab Allied Health Network team.


Sheridan Barber

Accounts Officer

We are pleased to welcome Sheridan Barber to the NeuroRehab Allied Health Network team.


NeuroRehab Allied Health Network staff are required to undertake a police record check prior to joining our team