Our Core Values


We’re On Your Team!

We believe our clients are the most important members of the therapy team.

  • Our passion is helping clients reach their goals.
  • We listen – our client’s opinion matters.
  • We communicate clearly and work together to achieve the best possible results.
  • We are caring and inclusive of family and support people.
  • We respect diversity and work with people from all backgrounds.


We Innovate

We never give up – we will keep looking for new ways to reach your goals.

  • We keep up to date with the latest research and technology.
  • We embrace a flexible approach to therapy.
  • We provide therapy where it is most needed – clinic, home or community.
  • We are dedicated to removing obstacles to independence.


We Are Enthusiastic

Positive thoughts can lead to positive change – believe and achieve!

  • We are passionate about improving people’s lives.
  • We are friendly and make therapy fun.
  • We love celebrating our client’s success.


We Expand Horizons

We take a long-term view of our client’s needs, to develop a healthy and active future.

  • We challenge and support people to discover new possibilities.
  • We strive to develop a more positive future.
  • We look beyond the here and now, providing support for long-term goals.